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We have the experience, local knowledge and commitment to help you to save valuable time to speed up your decision-making process and find the solution, which suits you best. Finding the right business opportunity, new business partners or expanding your business to an unfamiliar location and uncharted territories requires skill, time and often a lot of patience.


We have a simple and easy to follow processes to help you find the right solution.


Project evaluation: In this step, we define and analyze your needs thoroughly so that we fully understand your goals from day one. Only when we have agreed with you, your main goals and needs we move to the second step. This gives us all the best chance to succeed.


Market research: With your goals agreed we then execute research to find the most suitable solutions, that match your business requirements. After we have discussed these in detail with you it is time to select the opportunities you feel suit you best.


Networking: In this step we make introductions and after your approval, we organize meetings often taking you directly to your potential partner. When it is time to establish your investment/expansion or sales or purchase operations we guide you to the best choice of suppliers or your target group, professional business service providers, such as lawyers, accountants, relocation specialists and recruitment companies etc...


Follow up: Once your business here is set up we can assist you further on with short or long term representation, e.g. production monitoring, sales campaigns or purchase operations etc...

Accelerate your business project

through our local knowledge!

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